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[Orbit Shuttle pic]
This section is intended to be a repository for Elite curios and pieces of nostalgia.

To start it off Chris Jordan (a chap who, by all accounts, was right in with it from the start) has kindly sent me this, the first press article on Elite:
Acorn News, December 1984, Page 3

For those who are curious to see how it was first received, there is a review from Beebug:
Beebug Magazine, Vol. 3 No. 6, November 1984, page 7

Here is a program I wrote whilst trying to explore the BBC Disc version's ship files. It's in a SparkFS archive. From the data I extrapolated I created a drawfile showing exactly what all the craft look like, in their exact proportions. Oddly enough the Python appears bigger than the space station.

Interview with Clive Gringras - co-author of ArcElite, from the September 1995 issue of Acorn User (this was formerly available via the main page).

Unforunately a much better collection of material on Silicon Avatar's Elite Pages has now disappeared.



"Aftermath" - An Elite-based story I started ages ago in a moment of boredom. Now complete!

"Calm and Chaos" - a short piece following a journey.

"The Price of the Elite" - A new story.


What is this ship?

The following ship appears in Elite-A, but there is no mention of it in the encyclopaedia. So far it's being identified as the Salamander because that is the best suggestion that anyone has so far come up with, and it fits in with the general naming scheme (branching out into various other vaguely snake-like creatures when genuine snake names are becoming scarce).
[Unknown rotating Elite-A ship]
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