How to avoid being blown up

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There are now separate hints pages for three versions of Elite:

  • BBC Elite
  • Elite-A
  • ArcElite

    If none of these hints help, or you just want to be invincible for a while, try downloading these (ArcElite) cheat modules:
    Version 1.02 - The original edition
    Version 1.05 - Elite Gold Edition
    Version 1.14 - the Acorn User cover disc version

    A different Version 1.14 cheat - by Keith McKillop, with some amazingly powerful weaponry that can take out the space station in a few shots.

    All of these need to be filetyped as "Module" to work. The Extra Strong Shields option in the module for Version 1.05 crashes the game. I've no idea how well the Version 1.02 module works. Try "Add a bit of cargo" (Versions 1.02 and 1.14) and killing yourself for some idea of what you should see when an Anaconda explodes!

    Thanks to:
    Christopher Smith for finding the cheat module for version 1.14.
    Richard Goodwin for the cheats for versions 1.02 and 1.14.
    Keith McKillop for his version 1.14 cheat.

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