Other Elite Sites

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This is only a selection of the great many Elite sites around (the vast majority of which deal almost exclusively with Frontier: Elite II and Frontier: First Encounters so are not directly relevent anyway).


Acorn Elite Sites

I desperately need more in this section, so if you see any please let me know! Or convert Frontier and First Encounters to RISC OS platforms, so I can have all the sites in that section included.

  • The ArcElite DataCards
  • Ian Bell's Elite pages
  • There is (not unsurprisingly) quite a bit of interesting background here, some of it applicable to Acorn versions (hence the inclusion in this section), but there is much, much more.

  • Elite A
  • Information on Angus Duggan's impressive modifications to BBC Elite.

  • Mark Rowan's Elite Pages
  • Quite a few (good) screenshots of ArcElite, several downloads, and a few other interesting tidbits (try the large battle on the Hints and Tips page!).

  • Gold Edition
  • 'A slanted, irreverent and sometimes irrelevant look at the oddity and eccentricity that is Archimedes Elite' - you have been warned! More on the Great Urutu Debate in here.


    Non-Acorn Elite Sites (Frontier and First Encounters)

    Here's a few for those people who have stumbled upon this page whilst looking for information about Frontier and its sequel, First Encounters:

  • Three Dimensional Encounters
  • A completely amazing site (I would say that, since I created it) offering stereo pictures from Frontier: First Encounters.

  • Jade's First Encounters Page
  • A comprehensive and useful site, one of the main FFE resources.

  • Zat Solo's Deep Space Outpost
  • This site has the most complete Elite links section to be found anywhere, although unfortunately it has not been updated for a while.

  • George Hooper's FFE Art pages
  • Bit of a misnomer since there's a lot more here (including what is quite probably the most comprehensive ship ID chart around).

  • Alioth.net
  • Guide to the Alliance, news on what's happening in the Elite universe (both real and fictional), hints and tips and a good, descriptive links section. And more.

  • The Frontierverse
  • Robin Sharrock's Frontier pages, including many screenshots, links, downloads, and other collections of information on Frontier: Elite 2.

  • Frontier Developments Limited
  • The official site for the Frontier Developments, and hence the Frontier games.

    Ones That Don't Fit In Elsewhere

  • Witchspace
  • A couple of very impressive animations, and VRML files of all the original Elite ships. This isn't being linked from the "Acorn Elite Sites" section because I don't know of a program that will view the VRML files (TMViewer crashes for some reason).

    General Acorn (Games) Sites

    Firstly, the kind host of these pages:
  • Acorn Arcade

  • The Acorn Gaming Pages


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