Unused Ship Pictures:

These are ship illustrations I've drawn but haven't found anywhere else to put yet:

[Boa pic] [Sidewinder Pic] [Transporter Pic] [Worm pic] [Krait pic]

Competition Entries:

cobra3.jpg - despite it looking like a Cobra Mk I to me (38 K), by Chris Chapman (aka "Silicon Avatar")
cobra3.gif - Cobra Mk III diagram, by George Hooper ("Hooplah") (37K)
scene.jpg - Boa II Escort, by Rob Pfeifer (27K)


ArcElite in action

This is mostly for those people without an Arc who want to see what ArcElite is like in action. These all consist of animated GIFs (because they are easy to produce). They are a bit jerky to (a) save space and (b) because I can't press three keys at once to save the screen and play the game as well very easily.

  • Leaving the space station
  • Ships involved in private combat
  • Pirates fighting amongst themselves
  • Vipers attacking pirates
  • Bushmaster mining craft in action


    Miscellaneous pictures:

  • ArcElite's Unknown Ship. I was hoping to get a better view but crashed into it shortly after saving this picture.
  • My attempt at the Elite cover picture (57K)
  • Elite-A Cobra Mk III Information (screenshot)
  • Squadron - Elite-A screenshot of a group of Cobras
  • A pirate gets what's coming to it - An animated GIF of the type that makes web pages really irritating
  • Pirate attack - another of those animated GIFs.
  • Excellent Cobra picture - thanks to mikkel@community.net (153K). This email address is quite old and may therefore be wrong, but unfortunately I've lost the name of the contributor.

    Some screenshots of Zartid:

  • Zartid picture 1
  • Zartid picture 2
  • Zartid picture 3

    Thanks to Oliver Clark for these.


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