Ship Review - Chameleon

[Chameleon pic]

Weaponry is much improved over the Ophidian, yet it is still cheap, making up for the fact that the ship is possibly a little overpriced. Cargo space is adequate, although you will probably want to avoid devoting too much to equipment. The speed is fine for a ship this size. The manoeuvrability should not be expected to be any better, but it can make combat against more agile opponents a little tedious.

[Rotating Chameleon]
Price      Space  Range Speed    Manvre Lasers Missiles
225000 cr  35     8 ly  0.29 LM  CF 6   2      3

IFF  ECM  Pulse Beam Military Scoops Escape Hyper Energy Dock GalHyp
150  300  350   700  1900     450    250    450   700    700  3000
Recommended equipment:
Front Military Laser, Rear Military Laser, ECM System, IFF System, Energy Unit, Fuel Scoops


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