Ship Review - Monitor

[Monitor pic]

A quick glace at the statistics is rather unpromising. The Monitor is at the small end of the large freighter range but is slower than everything apart from the Anaconda. Its manoeuvrability isn't up to much either; it's only one CF mark down on the Ghavial but seems far more sluggish. What is less obvious is that it's built to last. It has very strong shields, carries an impressive eight missiles (which is handy considering the poor manoeuvrability) and its lasers are powerful, even though the equipment is expensive. In a real world this would make it a good freighter for the more dangerous trade routes but most Elite players will find it dull.

[Rotating Monitor]
Price      Space  Range Speed    Manvre Lasers Missiles
585500 cr  81     11 ly 0.16 LM  CF 4   4      8

IFF  ECM  Pulse Beam Military Scoops Escape Hyper Energy Dock GalHyp
300  800  600   800  2500     650    450    800   1900   2000 6000
Recommended equipment:
Docking computers are quite helpful since the ship isn't manoeuvrable enough to match the station rotation. Another aspect of the difficulty in turning is that side lasers may actually be useful - getting in a short side blast with a powerful weapon can save quite a bit of time in combat. Finally, remember to keep your missile racks full. Since only four are displayed it's quite easy to forget to replace them and once again the low manoeuvrability makes them useful.


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