Ship Review - Moray Starboat

[Moray pic]

A nice range, but cargo space is still limited. In combat it is not quite as good as the Gecko (despite being tougher), although this can be offset with better equipment. The longer range means that long-distance special cargo delivery is the best money-spinner, so the trade-off between cargo and equipment should go more in favour of equipment. Go to one corner of the galaxy and buy a special cargo destined for near the opposite corner. Use a hyperspace unit to get most of the way there (keep reloading and retrying until you are reasonably close). Docking along the way is deemed as "taking longer", so sun-skim and jump instead. Over 6000 cr may be forthcoming.

[Rotating Moray]
Price      Space  Range Speed    Manvre Lasers Missiles
56500 cr   11     8 ly  0.25 LM  CF 7   4      3

IFF  ECM  Pulse Beam Military Scoops Escape Hyper Energy Dock GalHyp
150  300  350   700  1900     450    250    450   700    700  3000
Recommended equipment:
Front Military laser, Rear Beam laser, ECM system, Energy Unit, Fuel Scoops, IFF System, Hyperspace Unit
This set-up is geared towards special cargo delivery, see above.


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