Ship Review - Python

[Python pic]

Roughly a third more space again than the Monitor and a better turn of speed are the first impressions of the Python. The next thing to notice is how badly it steers. The increased velocity is not very impressive (although this is a large ship) and serves more to illustrate the slothful nature of the Monitor more than any outstanding characteristic of the Python.

Its lasers pack a reasonable punch, if you can point them at anything, but for defence it relies largely on its strong shields. Four missiles is too few for this ship, since they should form a major part of a large vessel's weaponry. Equipment for this ship is reasonably priced, especially considering the size of the beast it's being fitted to.

[Rotating Python]
Price      Space  Range Speed    Manvre Lasers Missiles
762000 cr  106    8 ly  0.20 LM  CF 3   4      4

IFF  ECM  Pulse Beam Military Scoops Escape Hyper Energy Dock GalHyp
200  400  200   450  2300     375    200    375   900    800  3000
Recommended equipment:
Everything. It needs all the help it can get to make up for the poor manoeuvrability. Docking computers are definitely recommended.


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