The Best ArcElite Commanders

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Who of you out there are the most experienced, wealthiest, and in the most trouble with GalCop? (Only the top five are shown).


Combat Ratings

1st - Commander Kaela, rated Elite with 23259 kills
2nd - Commander Simon Challands (me!), rated Elite with 22228 kills
3rd - Commander Anarchy (Nathan Atkinson), rated Elite with 20209 kills
4th - Commander Michael Kircher, rated Elite with 14081 kills
5th - Commander Alex (Richard Goodwin), rated Elite with 14070 kills

The Wealthiest Trader

1st - Commander Kaela, with 994485.1 credits
2nd - Commander Anarchy, with 679768.2 cr
3rd - Commander Simon Challands with 665379.4 cr
4th - Commander James Turner, with 593775.1 credits
5th - Commander Patrick Buckley, with 373567.1 cr

The Worst Legal Record

1st - Commander Chris Meek, with 2347 license points (Fugitive)
2nd - Commander Anarchy, with 2000 license points (Fugitive)
3rd - Commander Rob Simm, with 1827 license ppints (Fugitive)
4rd - Commander Duncan Cockburn, with 1582 license points (Fugitive)
5th - Commander Michael Kircher, with 222 license points (Offender)

N.B. - Assets (cargo in hold, equipment fitted) are not taken into account on this list.

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