The Best Elite-A Commanders

[Chameleon pic]
Elite-A is arguably the toughest version of Elite around, and only the very best Commanders will reach the top!


Combat Ratings

1st - Commander Simon Challands, rated Elite with 8740 kills
2nd - Commander Robert Pfeifer, rated Dangerous with 912 kills
3rd - Commander Jades, rated Competent with 251 kills

The Wealthiest Trader

1st - Commander Simon Challands, with 22093.4 credits
2nd - Commander Robert Pfeifer, with 13598.9 credits
3rd - Commander Jades, with 10574.7 credites

The Most Expensive Ship

1st - Commander Simon Challands, with a Python
2nd - Commander Robert Pfeifer, with an Iguana
3rd - Commander Jades, with a Moray

The Worst Legal Record

1st - Commander Robert Pfeifer, with 89 offences

N.B. - Assets (cargo in hold, equipment fitted, ship) are not taken into account on this list. Equipment will be used to differentiate between ships of the same type.

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