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This page serves a twofold purpose. One is to bring to the attention of people what problems exist with Elite (in a technical sense, such as not loading, playing too fast, etc.), and the other is to offer solutions.

Direct any problems to me on the EBBS (although I won't be able to help with anyone emulating the game).



The game is unplayably fast on the RiscPC.

Now, how about the StrongArm?

A few problems from Glenn Burgess:
The fuzzy dice Elite Extension has stopped working now he has a VGA-only monitor, and complains it doesn't recognise the version of Elite, despite doing so before (version 1.14). It also runs too fast (see above?)

Furthermore it seems 3000 series keyboards suffer from a clash which turns the damping off. Are we perhaps looking at the only person who doesn't use the mouse?

The Yaw Boosters don't work properly, and can jam on.



Too fast on the Risc PC

There is a new version in the Free Games section of Acorn Arcade that has been altered to run on any RISC OS computer at the right speed.

Using a StrongArm

See the answer above.

More speed problems

The fuzzy dice definitely work with the Acorn Arcade verion shown above.

A3000 keyboard trouble

There might not be a problem. Are you sure that you haven't just turned CAPS LOCK off?

Yaw Boosters

It appears there may be a bug whereby Yaw Boosters don't work properly with damping off. Flying with damping off is a bit like riding a bike, on ice, with power steering (if such a thing existed), so turn it on and start flying with some measure of control!

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