Ship Review - Fer-de-Lance

A ship with a fearsome reputation. As a pure combat vessel it is more than adequate, despite its surprisingly poor manoeuvrability. The lasers are very powerful, but equipment is expensive. However, most Elite-A players will be out to make money as well as improve their rating, and the lack of cargo space restricts this. It is good for special deliveries, though (see the Moray section for more information). It would be a good ship for missions, but you will probably have completed both a long time ago by the time you can afford this ship. Three missiles is surprisingly few.

[Rotating Fer-de- Lance]
Price      Space  Range   Speed    Manvre Lasers Missiles
359500 cr  9      8.5 ly  0.30 LM  CF 6   4      3

IFF  ECM  Pulse Beam Military Scoops Escape Hyper Energy Dock GalHyp
400  500  500   1000 5000     700    600    550   2500   1000 4000
Recommended equipment:
Front Military Laser, Rear Beam Laser (Military laser is too expensive), ECM System, IFF System, Energy Unit, Fuel Scoops
There is little point in trading, so use as much space for equipment as you want.


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